Buy a house

August 24, 2021

Prior to purchasing a property what to consider?

In this month article we are going to discuss what to consider prior to purchasing a property relating to structural items. Matt Turner of Rash and Rash also provides some insight into the North London property market at present as well.


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August 11, 2021

Interview with Jonathan Flanders

In this month’s article we are going to give an insight into an engineer life working with LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd as a structural engineer. This article is presented by Jonathan Flanders who is a student of Newcastle University.


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July 27, 2021

Hotel Refurbishment Project – Victoria, London, UK

This month we are going to discuss one of our recent refurbishment hotel projects in Central London.


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June 29, 2021

The Art of Hand Sketching for Structural Engineering

Those of you involved in the industry will increasingly be seeing a more digital way of working on projects especially with



May 31, 2021

Engineering Graduates Site or Design?

Today we are going to provide some information to young engineers on the advantages of both design and site experience at the start of your career


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April 30, 2021

Structural Surveys

Today we are going to discuss a topic which we here at LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd have considerable experience in which are structural surveys. Not to be confused with a building survey