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December 31, 2020

Structural Engineering after COVID

This is a topic that has been discussed by many people throughout the last few months in various businesses about what the future working environment will be like.



November 30, 2020

Various Types of Loft Conversions

As promised in our previous article in April 2019 relating to loft conversions, today we are going to talk about the main types of loft conversions in the London


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June 29, 2020

Our Tips for Structural Engineers Undertaking the IStructE Exam

Firstly, we at here LSY Engineering Consultants Ltd would like to wish all the structural engineers studying and preparing for the upcoming exam the very best of luck.


What Are Structural Engineers Capture 2

May 30, 2020


This questioned gets asked from time to time from people who don’t work within the industry. “Are you guys similar to architects?” was another of the questions that we get asked from time to time.


Piled Foundations

March 31, 2020

An Introduction to Piled Foundations

This month we are looking at Piled foundations which are one of the most important items when it comes to structural design. As structural engineers, it’s our job to make recommendations



April 30, 2019

An Introduction to Loft Conversions

Today, we’re going to take a look at an increasingly popular trend across the London construction market. We’re talking, of course, about loft conversions...